Water Procurement and Volume Estimates

Summit Land Company offers a unique addition to its service menu based upon a wealth of knowledge within its staff of an invaluable working knowledge of oil and gas exploration, production, and other related field activities i.e. water volume survey services.

Summit Land Company is well-positioned, by empirical knowledge and geographical location by and through its resources, so that it can provide not only the finding and procurement of water source(s) related to drilling water and frac water but can also, upon request, provide clients with reliable water volume estimates in a timely manner using proven methods.

The water volume estimates to be provided are the result of depth determination by echosounding that coincides with GPS coordinates, both acquired using

state of the art technologies, supplying the data necessary for usage in the oil and gas industry bathymetric process.

Once the determination of depths coinciding with GPS coordinates has been gathered as raw data, the raw data is then entered into an industry proven and commonly used complex software program (see finished product examples) to provide the client with a reliable water volume estimate.  This can render to the client a timely water volume estimate that helps eliminate the concern over the water volume(s) sought being inadequate for the need(s) targeted.

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